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We at White Hat believe that every customer, every system and every device needs a different approach, but along the same fundamental guidelines. Let us help you – every step of the way if need be, from research & development, inventory and assessment, security consulting and expert as a service, to actual incident response and handling as well as training.


Think like an adversary, act like a white hat!

Becoming a target of cyber-attack is a question of ‘when’ not ‘if’ – let us prepare you with our unique experience and knowledge of our national security past. We use our offensive and defensive knowledge to assess and better your state of security: we have the technical knowledge to go deep – and the perspective to anticipate all adverse effects and consequences.

The Team

Sándor FEHÉR


“As leader I see how important adaptivity is, and with over 20 years in infosec I know how quickly the adversaries adjust. Fortunately, our team is more than capable of rising to the challenges of the current threat landscape. I am very lucky to have found the experts I now work with.”

Szilvia HORTI

Engagement Lead


Defense Lead

Krisztián SZABOLCS

Offense Lead

Working with top experts

check All the top industry certifications as objective metrics of competence as well as NATO and EU Secret level security clearances

check Relevant experience on diverse fields of IT security specifically, from penetration testing to malware analysis

check National security past that gives us hands-on experience on the highest-level offense and defence

Providing best-in-class service

check 24/7 availability so our partners know their network is safe at all times and whatever happens we are there to handle it

check Free trial with easy onboarding to build trust and find the optimal solution for your enterprise with no risks

check Full transparency on what we do and control over your own data assets every step of the way

Maintaining up-to-date knowledge

check WHCD enterprise defence training and target group optimized security awareness trainings to help all your colleagues receive the education they need to stay one step ahead

check Help with your internal regulations and ISMS to ensure your rules are the best fit for your operations and security at the same time

check Custom internal trainings for business continuity and disaster recovery best practices so if something happens everyone knows their role to play

Partnering with the best in security

White hat has established key partnerships with industry innovators and leaders to provide comprehensive security solutions to meet evolving security challenges. Our experts build customized solutions using a deep portfolio of best-of-breed security solutions and technologies.

Community and Social Responsibility

Together for a secure future

We believe that the fight for security in the cyber space is a fundamentally important one – and one that cannot be fought alone. Current adversaries use any means they can get, and that is what we have to do to stay ahead. That is why we at White Hat find partners and allies wherever we can and offer our knowledge and expertise to strengthen security.

We’re a proud member of CyAN (Cybersecurity Advisory Network), the global network of cybersecurity professionals, which identifies and connects experts from different disciplines all around the world; as well as of the German-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, DUIHK that connects partners of the DACH and CEE regions.

We are also providing our Europe-wide unique WHCD enterprise defence training free to the best students of our long-time academic partner, the prestigious Óbudai University, as part of our commitment for making the most up-to-date cyber security education available to everyone.

15,372 Companies are hacked daily

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