Do you want to know exactly what your company can withstand? How effective your security actually is? Or what you should do to reach maximum increase in your cyber threat detection and aversion system with minimum effort and a sensible budget?
Security Analysis and Consulting
vulnerability research // penetration testing and adversary simulation // red – blue and purple teaming // thorough evaluation and development of legacy or mobile security
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Are you under attack? Were you a target of an incident recently? Are you sure your systems are not compromised?
Incident Response and Adversary Removal
business continuity and production recovery // APT detection and removal // preparing and managing D-day operations
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You have IT people, but they have never been properly trained for cyber security challenges? You would like to see how your personnel in charge of defending you all would handle an actual crisis – and how they would relay it to you? You realise it’s a new era of new cyber security challenges – but your executives might need help to understand what needs to be done?
Comprehensive and Specialized Trainings
specified security awareness trainings // target group customized security courses // WHCD enterprise defence training
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White Hat IT Security company has developed its own product and 24/7 management services that are essential in today’s evolving IT security landscape +mobile first.
White Shark Managed Security Services
scalable and adaptive defence // protection on all platforms // highest standard detection and response // four package options for customization
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See our detailed service catalogue for our full portfolio – and let us customize an offer tailored to your specific needs.



  • Unique and rare defensive and adversary removal knowledge thanks to our past and our present projects.
  • Vulnerability research and penetration testing skills deeper than that of others due to our real-life, hands-on experiences.
  • Penetration testing competences certified by the world’s top relevant trainings and certifications.
  • Trainings customized to our Partner’s needs and a unique course developed specifically for enterprise defence personnel.


  • Incident response time under 4 hours within the DACH region and under 3 within Central-Europe thanks to our local private aviation partner.
  • One-of-a-kind adversary simulation based on real-life scenarios, conducted with custom malware and if need be, with a senior security expert aiding the defensive side (purple teaming).
  • Superior contacts at the world’s top security companies to help us in our projects.

Compliance and cost

  • EU-NATO Secret level confidentiality.
  • 600K EUR professional liability insurance.
  • Competitive prices with an end-result based pricing model.


Contact us and allow us to schedule with you an online or in-person discussion to learn about your current challenges and specific requirements and also explain in detail our comprehensive IT security offering. We expect to gain your interest and are ready to demonstrate our professional skills, product and services for your benefit.

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