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check Easy and swift onboarding with initial assessment and vulnerability inventory

check Top-level senior experts and specialist to manage your network security

check Zero investment solution with no hidden fees or extra devices or tools needed

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Service Overview

24/7 proactive security and cutting-edge services

White Hat IT Security is an MSSP recognized by industry giants like Microsoft or Zimperium for its full-scope, advanced managed solution. Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR) across the entire Microsoft security stack, completed by extra services to provide 360° security – including awareness training, phishing campaign, penetration testing and ISMS development to ensure compliance with top industry standards.


Easy onboarding and free trial period

With onboarding in under 2 weeks, White Hat MSS provides all-around protection for all endpoints, from server through workstation to mobile devices; be it MAC, Widows, Linux, iOS or Android. Our strategic partners are Microsoft and Zimperium.


Keep your employees secure and reduce the risks of the human factor

While reducing your infrastructure attack surface is essential, keeping the human error at a potential minimum is also key. Why spend on penetration testing if a phishing email can easily lead to a successful ransomware attack? White Hat MSS offers a comprehensive toolset integrated into its key services to raise awareness and to keep your colleagues secure in the cyber space.


Phishing protection

In the age of information overload social engineering is among the most successful adversary tools. The most common technique is sending out malicious links or attachments via email to gain access – this is phishing. Raising awareness and training key personnel for common threats helps minimize this attack surface.

check Phishing simulation – annual phishing tests and continuous monitoring of potential scams make sure your colleagues can detect and avert social engineering techniques to protect data asset and business secrets.

check Awareness trainings – our awareness trainings are optimized for different key target group – from decision-makers and high privilege users through IT personnel to all users.

check Internal regulations – have your own standards and best practices ready and available for all your colleagues in a custom-made ISMS tailored to your business and operations, supported by technical measures.

Benefit #2

Exploit protection

Today’s enterprise endpoints face more sophisticated attacks than ever, especially when they are outside the corporate network and no longer protected by multiple layers of security. Protect against exploitation of known and unknown vulnerabilities across all your IT devices and stay ahead of the latest threats.

check Roadmap to security transformation – Through monthly vulnerability inventory and progress reports you can guide your enterprise on the road to enhanced security.

check Advanced threat hunting – We constantly improve our methodology and keep up with state-of-the-art malicious actors to be able to detect threats specific to your industry, your market or your company.

check Regular penetration tests – Knowing your network and its weaknesses helps stay ahead of potential breaches and incidents, as well as comply with industry standards and best practices.

Benefit #3

Ransomware protection

Ransomware encrypts all your files and data asset it reaches, with no chance of recovery – unless you pay the criminals. This is one of the most widespread attacks nowadays, with thousands of companies effected each year. Using our unique skillset we can prevent, detect and avert all incidents, including ransomware attacks, thus keeping your data safe and your business continuous.

check Ransomware incident response – Rapid first response with private helicopter or airplane, triage and secure business recovery with authority notification and crisis communication

check Digital forensics & root cause analysis – during an incident there is no time for analyses, but afterwards its crucial to find out how it happened – and what can be done to prevent it from happening again

check Ransomware prevention – following business recovery we use our managed solutions to integrate lessons learned into your system and effectively prevent reoccurrence

“The Microsoft Intelligent Security Association is comprised of some the most reliable and trusted security companies across the globe. Our members share Microsoft’s commitment to collaboration within the cybersecurity community to improve our customers’ ability to predict, detect, and respond to security threats faster. We’re thrilled to recognize and welcome White Hat IT Security MXDR solution to the MISA portfolio.”

Maria Thomson, Microsoft Intelligent Security Association Lead


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