Comprehensive assessment of the status of security on a company-wide level or a narrow segment of production or flagship product – allowing executives to gain an overall, high-level perspective on its state of security. Evaluation of potential pivot points as well as defining most major risk factors that could turn into an attack, and ranking them based on probability, threat level and criticality.

"I don’t know how to spend my security budget sensibly, how to elevate company security most cost effectively." "I have no cyber security capacity and capability. I need to build an IT security team. How do I start?"

"Would my company withstand a cyber-attack? My IT says yes but my CISO disagrees."

"I’ve just bought a company / service / product – is it secure?"

"I developed a security patch – did I do it right? Will it serve its purpose?"

"I’m afraid of data leak related face-loss, reputation loss, financial retribution." "I need to comply with internal / external regulations."

What we offer

We can perform the deepest-level technical analysis of well-defined elements as well as a wide-scope penetration testing of entire infrastructures – and everything in between. Analysing your entire enterprise for potential pivot points and dissecting those areas that need improvement. Vast experience in red teaming and finding weaknesses using everything the actual attackers would. Unlike them, though, we can also teach your security personnel the defensive side of all of these scenarios, making your assets safer and your teams prepared.

Vulnerability research

Thorough analysis of a client defined product, equipment, process or application on a deep technical level. Evaluation from a security perspective of IoT, software or patches and expert strategy on elimination of pivot points and vulnerabilities.

Penetration testing

Wide scope testing and assessment of the entire or partial infrastructure and network elements with automated tools and manual methods.


Real-life attack simulation using our extensive offensive knowledge and adversary perspective (red teaming). Assessing or training the existing or planned corporate ITS defence personnel for a crisis situation (blue teaming), with the option of combining the two aspects (purple teaming - red teaming with a senior defence expert on-site to give live and immediate feedback and instructions throughout the entire adversary simulation).

ethical hacking
result-based pricing model
black hat
hacker attack
reverse engineering
black-box thorough
technical report
hybrid security model
responsible disclosure
senior team
top-level expert contacts
rare insight
top certifications
red teaming
blue team development
malware analysis
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