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"30-minute consultation with our expert to see where your security actually stands and what you can do to elevate your enterprise defence level in a cost-effective way"

"During our free trial period we deploy sensors to the selected endpoints and receive immediate telemetry to evaluate your network security real time."

"Integrating all sensor telemetry and additional information to a centralised dashboard and alerting system tailored to network specifics – and also to give you insight into managed security operations live."

"Using White Hat MSS sensor data, segment specific threat intel knowledge and our experience of current cyber threats we provide an assessment of network pivot points and inventory of vulnerabilities."

"Based on previous step we help you draw the baseline of your enterprise security transformation with clear milestones and a roadmap for a scheduled and calculable development."

"Through our 24/7 managed security services we help reduce your risks and protect your enterprise and data asset, alongside further services for a comprehensive, 360° defence."